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"A dream is a goal without a plan, most dreams and goals are locked away in your mind vault.We at chrysalis will help you find the key that will unlock that vault"

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Lift yourself to performing excellence.. Master essential life skills..Change your world

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You can't just will it or wish it, you need to take action

Dare to dream! Effort and courage is not enough without purpose and direction. Learn the game plan to get from where you are to where you want to be! Have you ever heard or felt if I only knew what I know now? Imagine how it would be if you possess the power to control yourself and your life! Excellence is not by accident. It is a process where one continuously strives to get better oneself.

For many people, learning how to lead, communicate, or being righteous, knowing themselves may not be something they have consciously thought about.But these are integral life skills you need for achieving your goals and to be successful. Chrysalis transformative training sessions will help you get motivated, to be a confident, successful person.

Remember, what you do today can improve all your tomorrow!

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Our dedicated team comprises of experienced, committed and consummate professionals including educationists, certified trainers and counselors. In addition, depending on the nature of projects being handled by us, we engage best available consultants both from India and abroad.

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Sri Sharma

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Know Who You Are!

Location:ISWA Centre, Burrandah Blvd, Willeton

Time: 09:00 am To 12:00 pm

It’s with great pleasure, we introduce  ‘Chrysalis – School of Transformative Training’ to ISWA members. We conduct training sessions on various topics including essential life skills for all age groups. The word ‘Chrysali...